Dive in Seraya

Search for unique critters on Bali's best muck dive sites!


Seraya is situated half way between Tulamben and Amed. It consists of a stretch of sandy coastline and a few particularly interesting dive sites. Dive Seraya, a paradise for underwater photographers who love macro critters.

Most of the dive sites are muck diving which means diving on top of sandy bottoms. It seems strange for beginner divers but incredible fauna can be spotted on sand, among sea grasses, pebbles, rocks or sponges. Don’t expect anything big!…It’s all about finding the unusual, the unique, the weird creatures that you can find nowhere else! Frogfish, pygmy sea horse, tiger, bumblebee, harlequin or ghost shrimps, Nudibranches, pipefish and ghost pipefish, cowries, hairy squat lobsters, mimic octopus…

To dive Seraya, it is best to get your macro lens or super macro lens on as critters over there are some of the tiniest you can find.